tisdag 13 maj 2008

Lucka 5

"O daughter, dear' her mother said, this blanket round you fold,
'Tis such a dreadful night abroad, you will catch your death of cold."
William Lorenzo Carter 1813-1860
Young (or For) Charlotte)
WARP: gray, brown, red & green schalgarn idun 3800m/kg (not available any longer).
WEFT: gray, brown, red & green schalgarn idun 3800m/kg.
REED: 40/10, gray yarn 1-1 and 2-2 for the colored stripes.

Blanket. Old French blanquete, from blanc, white. Originally a white woolen material; cf. Middle English whitel, Anglo Saxon hwītel, in similar sense. Wet blanket is figuratively from extinguishing a fire (cf. throw cold water on). To toss in a blanket is in Shakespeare (2 Henry IV, ii 4). Wrong side of the blanket is in Smollett (Humphrey Clinker). Blanketer (historical) was the name given to operatives who assembled (1817) in St Peter's Fields, Manchester, provided with blankets in order to march to London and demand redress of their grievances. The attack upon them by the military gave rise to the portmanteau word Peterloo (St Peter's Fields X Waterloo), a very early example of this formation and a curious parallel to Bakerloo.

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