onsdag 22 oktober 2008

Help needed

The Peter Patter Book of Nursery Rhymes by The Peter Patter Book of Nursery Rhymes with illustrations by Blanche Fisher Wright
“What makes you run, my little lass?
You’re almost out of breath.”
“A pumpkin made a face at me,
And scared me half to death.”

What have I done?
I got a phone call from our local radio station today. My friend Steven, an American who lives not far from me, had given them my name and told them that I bake the yummiest bread and pies. That's only because I sometimes make him brownies, doughnuts and other things that are not so common here. (I just got a mail from his wife who told me that he had said that I'd probably kill him for this. Well, I'm not in the habit of killing people so I have to think out something else...)
Anyhow — I ended up promising to talk about pumpkins next Thursday. I'm supposed to share some of my recipes too.
So here I am wondering if I have promised too much. We can't buy canned pumpkins here, so I need to find some pumpkins very soon and start to experiment. The selection of pumpkins is minimal here — most pumpkins they sell are meant for decorations.
I'd love to hear from you — do you have a favorite pumpkin recipe. I've used pumpkins in pies, cookies and bread but very little in main dishes — can anybody help me there? You can either leave a comment or mail me (you find the address to the right, under the photo of me).
And I know absolutely nothing about different kinds of pumpkins — is it a good site where I can learn?

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  1. I'm delighted for your celebrity, but sadly I cannot help a bit since I'm not a pumpkin fan.

  2. Here is a website with lots of recipes as well as other things to do with pumpkins

    My favourite way to cook them is roasting.

    I hope the radio broadcast is fun for you.

  3. Thanks for the link - I took a quick look and will return later.
    Do you roast them in halves before you peel them? with oil and spices? and how long?
    Margaretha with nothing but pumpkins in her head

  4. Visiting via 60 going on 16.

    Pumpkin/ squash risotto is a favourite here. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database/roastedbutternutsqua_67878.shtml

    And soup of course. They all have to be made with a nice dense pumpkin not the watery jsck o'lantern types. Butternut, crown prince and queensland blues are my favourites.

    Have fun.

  5. I cut the large pumpkins into quarters and bake them without any oil or seasoning until they are soft, if I am using them for soup or pie. The seeds are scooped out after baking and make lovely nibbles.

    I peel and de-seed the pumpkin for roasting with root vegetable. It cooks more quickly than most roots, so I leave it in quite big chunks. I put a little oil, a little salt and lots of pepper on the vegetables and roast for about 40 minutes in my hot Aga oven.

  6. Thank you for the link Colleen, the risotto sounds very good. Unfortunately butternut squash is not available here - the only kind I can buy is the orange kind that I guess are best for decoration.


  7. Thank you! I like to roast most vegetables so I'll try to roast pumpkin very soon! Oh, I almost envy you your AGA!