fredag 3 oktober 2008

Comfort books

A blogger who recently lost her father wrote about his love for books and how much books meant to him even the last days of his life — how just holding a book made him feel good.
It made me think of my own relation to books. Even when I'm too sick or tired to read I find it soothing to be surrounded by books. I always bring many more books than I possibly can read when I have to spend some time at hospital — and on top of that I always visit the hospitals library to borrow plenty of beautiful books, before I go to the ward.

The books are also good when you don't want to admit how lousy you feel — with a book in your lap people think you are well enough to read. This is something I don't recommend for patients though as you're not supposed to make your physician believe you're feeling better than you do! Once a new (new to me) physician came into my room where I sat behind books, sketchbooks, pens, brushes, color boxes, boxes with tea, mugs and a teapot; he asked what I were doing there! Oh, I forgot to mention the knitting and towels are meant to hem.

I bring all this stuff because I want to create a small home way from home — a place where I'm comfortable (as comfortable as you can be a t a hospital). But I have noticed a side effect to the coziness — the staff respects my corner as my private sphere much more than without all my paraphernalia. And they like to come there to sit and chat for a while, if they have time.

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  1. There is a great deal of wisdom in what you say. I turned to old favourites when I was too ill to concentrate on reading. Just having the books beside me was like having a loved one with me all the time.