söndag 20 mars 2011

Old books and new books

I’ve just ordered some books, books have always been more expensive here than in many other countries — but today when I can sit at home and order books from my computer, they have become quite affordable. Too affordable, as I have a tendency to buy many books, as they are so cheap. It’s like eating or drinking the double amount of something with “light” on the label!!
Project Gutenberg and on-line bookstores — what a perfect combination!
My last Gutenberg find is “Jane Lends A Hand” by Shirley Watkins, a book for children from 1923. So far I’ve only read two chapters, but I find it amusing — and will continue. It’s the kind of book I like when I have misplaced my brain but need a good read.
Two of the books I hope will arrive soon are “Brightsided” by Barbara Ehrenreich and Jacqueline Winspear’s last book about Maisie Dobbs, “A Lesson in Secrets”, which is to be released this week.
We still have plenty of snow, even if we’ve had some beautiful and sunny days with temperatures above +-0°C, the nights are still very cold.

torsdag 3 mars 2011

Water, water everywhere

Danae Receiving the Shower of Gold, c.1735
Charles Joseph Natoire

but not an ounce gold anywhere.
It might be as well — it’s probably not very pleasant to to stand under a cascade of gold. And I’m sure it’s hard, not to say impossible to wash the hair in gold.
That said, I wouldn’t mind some gold — a gold bar or two, as I’m not interested in jewellery.

And I tell you, after not having been able to flush the toilets, or shower for a month, it’s wonderful to have the water back! The cost will not be quite as wonderful, I’m sure, but I haven’t got the bill yet. That gold would come in handy here.

All I need now is a computer which does what I want it to do! The friendly guy who helped me last time my computer was unwell, has evaporated. He promised to help, but is nowhere to be found now.

We still have plenty of snow — but the birds, the sun and most of all, the light tell you that Spring is waiting around the corner.