tisdag 17 mars 2009

Taking Tea Today

High Tea
Abbott Fuller Graves (1859-1936)

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  1. This must be one of the prettiest painting you have shown us! I just wish I knew where to find all these wonderful images! I wish you would compile them all into a book ... now that would be something!
    Margaret Powling

  2. Margaret,

    Yes, this is one of the paintings I wish I could move into. The web is full of art - you can search on an artists name and that will lead you to sites with art.
    This is just a few links - one thing will lead to another when you start looking for paintings.
    As for a book - it would be nice but I know it's a lot of work and there are the copyright issue that can be tricky - and I have no experience of this kind of work and wouldn't know in which end to start.