torsdag 12 mars 2009

Need some "grumpets" to degrump

I'm too grumpy and tired to do anything from my to-do-list - I've even managed to suppress what I have to do.
Some time ago — quite a long time ago actually — I found a very old recipe for crumpets that were baked in the oven. I'm not sure if that really would qualify them as crumpets, but I thought it was nice as I don't have any crumpet rings — and I prefer things baked in the oven than on a griddle. But I have no idea where I found it so I might have to find something else that will degrump me.

Chionodoxa growing near the heated well is a good degrumper but it is tiresome to spend the day by the kitchen window to see them so I think I have to turn to books and magazines. Both Piecework and Handwoven come the other day — and so did Slightly Foxed — so I can't complain over nothing to read.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I have just looked up chionodoxa, Margaretha, and it is nicknamed 'glory of the snow'. How lovely. I must try to find some to plant for next year.

  2. What a lovely name! It's a good and hardy plant - and the deer and moles are not interested in it.