onsdag 4 november 2009


It is so much much November — inside and out.
It has been snowing tonight — so far only a thin layer of white on the ground, and I hope that's all we get!
I'm a terrible grouser, when I'm not sleeping I'm complaining. Which probably is my main reason for not blogging much.

I thought I'd picked all currents — but there still are a few on the bushes.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful fall images.
    I had to laugh at you being a "grouser".
    I think all might be in some way now that winter is coming.
    Ha en god helg!

  2. Thank you Camilla,
    I feel better today after I found a red berry (viburnum) and met some nice people.
    But it can be trying when the days gets shorter - today the sun rose at 7.35 and set at 16.00. And they days will get shorter for almost seven more weeks.....
    Slottsträdgårdsmästaren har en fototävling läs mer på http://gardener.blogg.se/2009/november/fototavlingen-startar.html. Du skulle skicka in någon av dina november bilder!