måndag 8 augusti 2011

Something in the air?

Two of my favorite blogs have closed, and Monix at Random Distraction is considering to close her blog. I hate to see good blogs and friends go — but I don't feel I can blame them for doing so, as I too am thinking of closing this blog.
I don't actually want to, but since I haven't been able to post much lately I've started to consider this possibility. Well, I haven't made up my mind yet, so while pondering which road to take, I'll try to put up a post or two, to give you the latest news from my hilltop.

There won't be any new photos, as my camera died some time ago, and I can't afford to buy a new. This is one of the last pictures I managed to coax out of it, by tying a string around the camera to hold it together. But my darling is as happy as can be, which is much more important than having a functioning camera. He sleeps most of the day — and heaven knows what he is doing while we sleep.

The days are getting shorter, and I can't help but feeling a bit sad when I see how the summer is preparing to change into a more autumnal costume.

Most of the berries are already in the freezer but there are still some raspberries and black currants to pick. I didn't even get a litre of goosberries, just enough to make one jar of marmalade when mixed with a grapefruit.

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  1. Jag konstaterade just jag också, att vi har sensommar, att jag väntar på att tomaterna skall börja rodna, att jag tänkte att jag måste ta in utetomaterna för att nätterna börjar bli kyliga igen. Sommaren går fort känns det som.

    Du kan väl ha kvar den här bloggen också? Någon gång nu och då när andan faller på gör du ett inlägg.


  2. Karin,
    Sommaren går alltid för fort!
    Jag slår kanske inte igen bloggen på en gång - både vill och inte vill avsluta den.
    den veliga

  3. Margaretha

    You posted this while I was away and pondering whether or not to close my blog. I came to the conclusion that the friendships made through the blog are worth a great deal and decided to carry on. I do hope that you will come to the same conclusion.

    I am sorry that your camera is broken but I'm sure you have hundreds of pictures in your archives that we haven't yet seen. Please go on delighting and inspiring us with them.


  4. Maureen,
    You're right, the friendships made through the blog are very important and valuable. So even if I feel terrible when I neglect my friends, I too, will try to carry on.

    Yes, in spite of several computer crashes and damaged hard discs, I still have plenty of photos - guess I should try to find the best ones.

  5. I'didn't write a lot of posts this year (due to various reasons....one was that I didn't feel like writing during this summer) and I also didn't visit my blogging friends as much as in fact I wanted to do. So I was quite surprised to read that you were thinking of closing your blog. I know blogging is a lot of work (and in your blog it's visible how much work i.e. all the research you are doing with your pictures and texts) and time consuming and so I am glad that you're trying to continue.
    From Adelboden I'm sending you best wishes and greetings,

  6. Barbara,
    How good to hear from you!
    I haven't been able to visit your blog for months, since the computer I used while my "real" computer was misbehaving wouldn't allow me to go there. Every time I tried I was told that it could damage my computer!
    Yes, it can be hard to find peace and time for blogging when life interfer. But I'll give the blog another chance - maybe I can finish one of, I don't know how many, half-written posts I have in my "T-file".
    Nod towards Engstligenalp and say hello from me!
    Greetings from a rather cool Sweden,

  7. Dear Margaretha, I am happy from reading one of your comments that you will not close your blog. Even if you don't post that often, your cyber friends will always, always, be happy to read your thoughts, and what is happening in your world...Also, there is something about this late summer time of year, or the weather (even though it's been a bit better lately) that makes many people not post as often as usual. Certainly I see it affecting me! But how happy I was to find this from you and the photo of your kitty! May all be well with you! Go0od wishes from Ohio!

  8. Thank you Kristi,
    I'm happy too - or will be happy, if I manage to keep the blog without having a bad conscience for not posting!
    Yes, there are quite a few other things than blogging to fill your days with, this time of the year! I still have berries to pick and freeze, beside the daily chores.