fredag 5 november 2010

An Explosive Guy

The Gunpowder Conspirators are discovered
and Guy Fawkes is caught in the cellar of the
Houses of Parliament with the explosives.
I'm sure all my British readers knows much more about Guy Fawkes' Night than I do, so I won't even try to teach you anything about this guy. But for those of you who don't mind sweet stuff (you need a third of the weeks 3 lbs. sugar allowance to make this toffee) I'll give you a recipe (that I haven't tried) for Tom Trot Toffee.
It comes from the lovely book "Cattern Cakes and Lace" by Julia Jones and Barbara Deer. And this is how they present it: "In Yorkshire a treacle toffee is made on Guy Fawkes' Night with the curious name of Tom Trot."
1lb/450 g soft brown sugar
5 tablespoons water
2 teaspoons vinegar
1 oz./25 g butter
1/4 pint/150 ml black treacle

Put the sugar into a saucepan with the water and vinegar and when dissolved add the butter and treacle. Heat gently until the butter and treacle melt. Raise the heat and boil for 12-15 minutes. The temperature on a sugar thermometer shoud read 138°C-142°C/280°F-290°F.
Pour the treacle into an oiled tin aand leave until partially set. Mark into bars or squars and, when cold, break up and store in an airtight tin. (and eat it?)

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  1. Val,
    To be honest, I don't think so! Far too sweet for me. Small aamounts of very dark chocolate makes me happy, but not toffee.